Paper Mode Laser Cut

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Curling pink heart tree (pack of 6)

Curling tree made of pink heart leaves with two birds in the branches

Wave and birds in a circle (pack of 6)

Oriental-style crashing waves with birds in the foreground set in a circle

New baby - blank (pack of 6)

The silhouette of a mother playing with her baby amongst a backdrop of a child's mobile

Music notes (pack of 6)

Music notes in a simple black and tan circular design

Green tree (pack of 6)

Green tree set into a circular design with bird silhouettes underneath it

Willow and black swallows (pack of 6)

Laser-cut cards with swallows flying through a willow tree

Hibiscus and humming birds (pack of 6)

Red and pink hibiscus blossoms with two black humming bird silhouettes

Red flowers black leaves (pack of 6)

Red flowers and black leaves cut into a circular design

Red butterflies (pack of 6)

Vividly coloured butterflies against a white lace backdrop

Deep pink blossom & black birds (pack of 6)

Three silhouetted birds perched on a branch of deep pink blossoms

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